Thank Vets with Votes

“It seems... that since 9/11, it’s become in vogue—upon learning of someone’s status as a veteran—to say, ‘Thank you for your service.’...

Photo credit: TheodoreWLee
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“If Americans want to thank veterans for their service, they shouldn’t just say it. They should show it. They should do something, like exercising the rights all veterans served to protect, and not try to take those same rights away from others over a difference of opinion. If Americans want to sincerely honor veterans, they should support legislation that actively helps veterans in need of housing, healthcare and employment. Among the adult homeless population, 11% are veterans. Americans who want to truly thank their veterans should vote into office public servants that understand that when active military service ends, veterans still need and deserve the support of their country and its citizens.

“Vocally thanking a veteran for their service means nothing if all one does afterward is take offense at flag-burning and then vote into office politicians who are just as vocal in their outrage over symbolic acts as they are their moral support of veterans while surreptitiously backing legislation to dismantle programs that exist specifically to help those same veterans.”
—U.S. Military Veteran (2016)